PhysicsX Secures Impressive $32 Million in Funding

November 28, 2023

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PhysicsX Completes $32 Million Series A Funding Round

PhysicsX, a leading provider of AI software for engineering, has successfully concluded a Series A funding round, raising an impressive $32 million. The funding was secured from a group of prominent investors, including General Catalyst, Standard Industries, NGP Energy, Radius Capital, and Henry Kravis, co-founder and co-executive chairman of KKR.

The company's innovative products are designed to revolutionize the engineering field by accelerating accurate physics simulation, enabling generative engineering solutions, and streamlining time-consuming activities in the engineering process. PhysicsX aims to make complex engineering across various industries more accessible and efficient.

Founded by Robin Tuluie and Jacomo Corbo, PhysicsX boasts a talented team of over 50 simulation engineers, machine learning and software engineers, and data scientists. These experts bring diverse backgrounds in numerical physics, enterprise AI, and advanced engineering, including experience in Formula One.

"Engineering design processes were transformed by numerical simulation and the availability of high-performance compute infrastructure," explains Tuluie. "The move from numerical simulation to deep learning represents a similar leap and will unlock new levels of product performance and ways of practicing engineering itself."

The newly acquired funding will play a crucial role in accelerating PhysicsX's growth across customer delivery, product development, and fundamental research. With this financial boost, the company aims to further enhance its offerings and expand its reach in the engineering industry.

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