Synopsys Expands GenAi to Cover Full Stack Applications

November 28, 2023

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Synopsys Expands Synopsys.ai EDA Suite to Enhance Engineering Productivity in Semiconductor Industry

Synopsys, a leading provider of electronic design automation (EDA) software, is expanding its Synopsys.ai EDA suite to bring GenAI capabilities across the full stack. This move aims to improve engineering productivity for the semiconductor industry.

This expansion builds upon Synopsys' recent announcement of Synopsys.ai Copilot, the first in a series of GenAI capabilities for chip design. Early collaborations with industry giants such as AMD, Intel, and Microsoft have already demonstrated the power of generative AI in chip design.

The integration of GenAI across the Synopsys.ai suite will provide chip designers with collaborative capabilities, offering expert tool guidance, generative capabilities for RTL, verification, and other collateral creation, as well as autonomous capabilities for workflow creation from natural language.

The Synopsys.ai EDA suite is designed to accelerate the chip design workflow, enabling companies to build more chips faster, even with a workforce that is not growing at the same pace as the industry demands.

Some of the key GenAI capabilities include:

  • Expert tool guidance
  • Generative capabilities for RTL, verification, and collateral creation
  • Autonomous capabilities for workflow creation from natural language

For more information about Synopsys.ai and its GenAI capabilities, please visit www.synopsys.ai.

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