FPGA Speed Grading Question

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    How do you translate the FPGA speed marking to its maximum operating frequency? does it indicate the flip flop speed?

    — thank you, Elliott

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    If you are using Intel (Altera) FPGAs such as: Intel® Stratix® series, Intel Cyclone® series, MAX® II, MAX IIG, MAX IIZ, FLEX®, ACEX®, APEX™, Mercury™, and Excalibur™ devices use the speed grade to indicate the relative performance of the device.


    Devices with low speed grade numbers run faster than devices with high speed grade numbers. For example, a Stratix® III FPGA with a three speed grade is the fastest available Stratix III FPGA.


    For Xilinx FPGAs, each package has a speed marking from 1 to 3. 1 is the lowest speed and 3 is the fastest speed.


    Use the tools to check your timing margin, based on that data you will be able to choose the right speed grade for your project

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    Can EP2S1020I4N replace EP2S1020C5N. Any Document available in support of Higher Speed Grade replacing Slower devices4

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