Intel Quartus Prime

21/02/2020, hardwarebee

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Intel Quartus is a family of design software that enables designers to generate programmable logic device designs. Originally owned and run by Altera, the company was subsequently acquired by Intel and Intel Quartus has, since then, been renamed to Intel Quartus Prime. The design software offers a comprehensive environment that is needed for the optimum design and development of any FPGA or CPLD chips.


What Sets Intel Quartus Apart?


There are a number of features that the Intel Quartus software possesses that makes it top of the line, including the fact that it lets you use tools such as a graphical interface as well as individual solutions for each phase of the design development process. All of these features are integrated into a singular, seamless operative environment that is equipped with everything you need for the designing process. It is compatible to work with VHDL as well as Verilog design languages.


One of the most prominent integrative features of Intel Quartus is the Qsys system integration tool which serves to save up on a lot of time and effort in terms of the design process of the FPGAs. Powered by FPGA optimized Network on a Chip technology, it essentially regenerates interconnect logic automatically in order to connect IP functions and subsystems. This leads to much faster compilation rates, a huge plus point of Intel Quartus over other software of its kind. With the help of Qsys, designers are able to tackle larger, more scalable systems by investing in a design flow feature that is based on hierarchy and makes organizational sense. The hierarchical design flow also enables the designer to add subsystems without significantly impacting the rest of the system.


Various Versions of Intel Quartus Prime


Currently, you can find three versions of the Intel Quartus Prime software: the Pro Edition, the Standard Edition, and the Lite Edition. The former two are the paid version, while Lite is available for free. The Pro Edition of the Intel Quartus Prime software has all the advanced features you may need for the development of next generation FPGAs and System on Chips or SOCs. you get support for a number of old and new device families including Intel Agilex, Intel Stratix 10, Intel Arria 10, and Intel Cyclone 10 GX. the Standard Edition of Intel Quartus Prime, on the other hand, supports earlier device families. The Lite Edition does not require a license to be downloaded which is why it is free of cost. It is ideal for the low cost FPGA device families of Intel as it is limited in the features and support it offers.

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