When was FPGA invented

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    Do you know when was FPGA invented?



    The first reprogrammable logic device was created in 1984 by a company called Altera.

    phani Krishna

    The first FPGA(Field Programmable Gate Array) FPGA was developed by a company called Xilinx in 1985. It used networking equipment and telecoms and later it was used in consumer applications and also in automotive. Xilinx also introduced the first FPGA in the year 1984 though they were not called FPGAs till Actel popularized the term in and around 1988. Over 30 years, the FPGA devices have increased in speed by the factor of 100 and their capacity has increased by more than a factor of 10000.

    FPGA is a chip that is programmed by a circuit. Telecom is one of the biggest industries that heavily use FPGAs. As ASICS takes much time in building the equipment regarding telecom, FPGAs are an excellent choice for a shortcut. Earlier FPGAs were used for Software-defined radios popularly known as SDRs building radios for communication. FPGAs focus is to grow in the Digital Signal Processor(DSP) and embedded markets.
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