Four Benefits of Hiring an Electronic Design Services Company

25/11/2018, hardwarebee

HardwareBee created the Electronic Design Services marketplace in 2017 to enable product companies to turn their product ideas into working products quickly. The HardwareBee directory is a global network of electronic design service companies with expertise in various domains and applications to support companies lacking resources to design and build their next electronic product.


All HardwareBee members have a record of success, many come with a strong track record working with major OEM vendors including developing cutting edge electronic products.


Accelerate Electronic Product Design

For companies who are new to electronic design and production, the complex design process can seem frightening. For experienced companies, there is always more work that needs to be done before the product can be rolled out.


Working with external electronic design company can accelerate your time-to-market by using their highly qualified, expert development teams who can supplement your internal team, or can provide a complete, turnkey design service — turning your product specifications into a real working product.


Leveraging on an external electronic design company’s experience will boost your time to market, reduce your risk and lower your development cost.


Solid Advice and Expertise


HardwareBee members are independent electronic design services companies. They work on wide range of projects, learning and implementing new techniques and technologies.  Their experience can assist in making the right trade-offs in selecting technologies or strategies to allow best time-to-market and lowers costs to help you deliver your product to the market.


This sort of expertise and advice prove to be the difference between success and failure.



Local partners, same language


While HardwareBee is global marketplace with companies headquarted in Asia, EMEA and the Americas, still, there is a big advantage in using local, same-time-zone company. Having a nearby design team that speaks your language and understands your business is a big plus that will save valuable time and unavoidable misunderstandings.


Whether you need to supplement you in-house skills or you need help designing your custom electronic products, use HardwareBee search tool to locate the nearby companies.


From Specification to Working Product and all Points in Between


An electronic product starts with a bright idea. To transform that idea into a working product, there needs to be a several steps: product specification, electronic design, product testing and then production. Each of these steps requires different expertise.


Often an electronic design company will be able to provide a complete product design and production – end to end model. This means that an electronic design company works on the detailed specifications and then develops and produces the product. Your electronic products is then produced and delivered to you or to your end customer in the volumes and time you need.




Whether you are an experienced product company or a company with a novel idea, the HardwareBee marketplace and its members can assist you getting your product to market earlier. The HardwareBee members can assist in any phase of the electronic development — from filling a specific gap to providing a full turnkey solution. Having the expertise of an experienced design partner accelerates the route to success – find your partner here.


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