Top 7 Microcontroller Companies

08/02/2019, hardwarebee

A microcontroller is a chip that consists of a CPU and additional functionally such as FLASH, I/O controller, A/D, etc. Microcontrollers first appeared at the 70’s. Developers of microcontrollers came up with an idea to combine the processor, memory, ROM and peripherals inside one case, which looks like an ordinary chip. Since then, the production of microcontrollers bypassed the production of processors.


In this article, we will describe the top companies dedicated to designing and manufacturing microcontrollers.




NXP, based in Eindhoven, Netherlands is a leading supplier of embedded controllers with a strong legacy in both the industrial and consumer market. NXP has a broad portfolio of MCUs across 8-, 16-, and 32-bit platforms—featuring leading-edge low-power, analog, control, and communications IP.


NXP has 31,000 people and has been merged with Freescale Semiconductor.


Link to NXP’s MCUs page: click here




Based in Tokyo, Japan, Renesas offers a wide range of microcontrollers to various market segments including automotive, consumer and more. The microcontrollers are supporting 8/16/32 bit which are divided into 3 product families: RL, RZ and RZ.


The company has 20,000 employees and worldwide support and sales offices.


Link to Renesas page: click here




Microchip Technology is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electronic components. The company is headquartered in Chandler, USA, with a total of more than 14,000 employees.


In addition to microcontrollers, Microchip offers a wide range of other digital and analogue solutions: non-volatile memory, programmable logic chips, clock components, interface solutions, I / O extenders, display and LED drivers, components for wireless communication, cryptographic chip circuits, sensor solutions, as well as operational amplifiers, comparators, ADC and DAC, temperature and smoke sensors, ultrasonic solutions, motor drivers, high-voltage interfaces and control solutions Power Ia.


In 2016, Microchip acquired Atmel, which allowed Microchip to add AVR and ARM microcontrollers to its portfolio.

Manufacturer site:  www.microchip.com


Silicon Labs


The US company Silicon Labs (SiLabs), headquartered in Austin, Texas, was founded in 1998 and is currently one of the world leaders in the development of technological and architectural microelectronics solutions for the joint processing of analogue and digital signals.


Silicon Labs offers low power EFM32™ ARM® Cortex® based 32-bit MCUs and EFM8™ 8051-based 8-bit microcontrollers.

Manufacturer Website: www.silabs.com




Infineon Technologies AG was established on April 1, 1999, by Siemens AG. The company’s headquarters is located in Neubiberg, near Munich. Today, the company’s production and research units are located in Asia, Europe and America. It should be noted that all production facilities for manufacturing semiconductor structures (Front-End factories) are located in Europe.


Infineon offers as a wide range of microcontrollers of 8, 16 and 32 bits.

Manufacturer Website: www.infineon.com


Texas Instruments


Texas Instruments is a US corporation with more than eighty years of history and one of the largest players in the semiconductor market. The company’s headquarters is located in Dallas (Texas, USA).


TI provides a portfolio of low-power, high-performance microcontrollers with 16/32 bit capabilities and wired and wireless interfaces.


Manufacturer Website:  www.ti.com




Cypress offers a broad portfolio of low-power to high-performance microcontrollers (MCUs) for various markets. The microcontrollers are based on 8/16/32 bit architecture and are the consumer, industrial and automotive markets.


Cypress is based in California, USA and has approximately 6000 employees.

Link to Cypress’s MCU site: click here

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