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MCU Market History and Forecast 2016-2023

15/08/2019, hardwarebee

After reaching record-high sales in the last two years, the microcontroller (MCU) market slid lower in the first half of 2019 because of overall weakness in electronic systems, a slowdown in automobile sales, and no letup in the trade war between the U.S. and China.  In the first six months

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How to use snakes to speed up software without slowing down the time-to-market?

12/08/2019, hardwarebee

For almost 20 years, BitSim has developed embedded systems. During these years, we have seen customers who are uncertain of the system requirements and some of them were, and are, unsure of their functional requirements. This does not match well with traditional FPGA development, where a development cycle takes days,

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A Bit of Z80 History

08/07/2019, hardwarebee

If you used a Z80 chip back in the 1980’s, it almost certainly passed through this room. This photo is of the first Fairchild Sentry 610 test system at Mostek We tested every Z80 chip including Zilog branded ones in this room for many years. (photo from Mostek 1973 databook).

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What is an Embedded Software Company and How to Choose one?

18/06/2019, hardwarebee

There are many reasons to use an external embedded software development company. Embedded software company can give you a competitive edge, minimize your development cycle and help you make your product smarter. If your company is developing an embedded product and you don’t have the skills or the resources to

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What is Embedded Software?

17/06/2019, hardwarebee

The use of embedded software has been on a rise in the last 30 years. This is highlighted by the fact that we are living in a technology-enriched era where our day to day lives are being surrounded by microprocessors-based machines such as: mobile phones, cars, pacemakers, home appliances, satellites,

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Embedded Systems Applications Overview

28/05/2019, hardwarebee

We are living today in an era where technological advancements are focused on making lives easier and efficient. Electronic products are the new normal for us. Be it at work or in your own house, it is a part of your routine to make use of electronic products.
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