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Types of Microcontrollers (2021)

06/06/2021, hardwarebee

In today’s world, most of the appliances as well as industrial controls are being automated. To make the systems work independently, an efficient control system is needed. Microcontrollers fulfil the need of a control system. This control system has all the features which can handle a small-scale automation system.
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Ultimate Guide: Embedded System Design

25/05/2021, hardwarebee

Creating a well-tested reliable embedded software is important, especially in safety-critical applications.  A great design starts with a well thought system design. Following the system design, embedded hardware design and software design will take place with high clarity. In this article we mainly focus on embedded system design.

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The Ultimate Guide: Microcontroller Applications

14/05/2021, hardwarebee

In this paper we will describe the most common Microcontroller applications and provide examples of microcontroller usage in different applications. There are various types of microcontroller chips and some are preferred over others in particular applications and scenarios.

A microcontroller (μC) is a single microcomputer chip that

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Ultimate Guide: Embedded Software Development

14/05/2021, hardwarebee

What is Embedded Software Development?
“Embedded Software” is a program that is used to control various devices and machines, which are not the same as general computers. The combination of non-computer devices and engineering results in embedded systems. Today, embedded systems are popular in various fields including,

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Step by Step Guide to Microcontroller Programming

03/05/2021, hardwarebee

This is a step by step guide for those who want to start with Microcontroller Programming. The article starts with introducing a few basic terms that will be used in the guide, a list of tools, programming languages and at end, an example of a downloadable code with a step

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Microcontroller vs Microprocessor, what to choose?

30/04/2021, hardwarebee

Microcontroller vs microprocessor selection can be a tricky process during a digital design, and engineers still struggle to find the right compromise between power consumption, computational capabilities, embedded features and price. The first big decision a designer should make during the project is to whether implement a microcontroller vs microprocessor

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What is Embedded Software?

26/04/2021, hardwarebee

embedded software

What is embedded software? embedded software refers to a piece of software embedded in a non-PC device. The software is written to control the specific functions of the device that it runs on and it is therefore designed to work within the constraints of the device. The following diagram can

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FPGA vs. Microcontroller, what to choose?

18/01/2021, hardwarebee

This article provides a comparison between FPGA vs. Microcontroller. We did the comparison between FPGA vs. Microcontroller by looking into their differences and similarities in terms of architecture, cost, performance, application, programmability technology, power consumption, processing capability and usability in the real-time world.
FPGA vs. Microcontroller
FPGA and

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MCU Capex to Account for 14% of Total IC Capex in 2020

10/12/2020, hardwarebee

IC Insights is updating its comprehensive forecasts and analyses of the IC industry for its 24th edition of The McClean Report, which will be released in January 2021.  Included in the report is a historical review of capital spending and forecast spending rates for leading IC product categories.
Following spending

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Microprocessor (MPU) Sales By Application 2020

11/09/2020, hardwarebee

Total microprocessor (MPU) sales are forecast to grow 1.4% in 2020 to nearly $79.3 billion, following a 2.4% decline in 2019, which was the first revenue drop in the worldwide MPU market in 10 years, according to data released in IC Insights’ Mid-Year Update to the 2020 McClean Report.   The mid-year forecast

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