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CEO Talk: Chris Howard of Softeq

21/09/2021, hardwarebee

This interview was held with Christopher A. Howard, Founder & CEO at Softeq Development Corporation.

Tell me a bit about your background? How did you first get started with Softeq?
CH: I studied electrical engineering in college but recognized that firmware and software were the key to

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Ultimate Guide: Embedded Operating System

30/08/2021, hardwarebee

Most of us are familiar with operating systems such Microsoft’s Windows, Apple’s macOS. We interact daily with these operating systems; therefore, they are so known and popular. In fact, there are many other operating systems used in embedded devices such as home appliances, automotive systems — these products are using

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ARM Microcontroller Overview

30/08/2021, hardwarebee

Microcontrollers are everywhere around us, every TV, car, washing machine — all these devices are using a microcontroller. A microcontroller is a very small computer that has a processor and can be embedded into a larger system.

Microcontrollers are designed to be used in many applications and

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Total Microprocessor Market History and Forecast

27/08/2021, hardwarebee


Microprocessor sales are maintaining strength in 2021 after climbing 16% last year in the midst of the global Covid-19 virus health crisis that drove up the world’s reliance on the Internet during the pandemic. IC Insights’ recently released Mid-Year Update to The McClean Report 2021 now projects MPU sales to increase 14% in

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Firmware vs Software

03/08/2021, hardwarebee

This article provides a comparison between firmware vs software. But before we start listing the difference between firmware and software, let’s understand first what is firmware and what is software.
Let’s go!
What is Firmware?
Firmware is a specific sub-category of computer software that provides the low-level

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Embedded Software Development Services

01/08/2021, hardwarebee

Embedded Software Development Services is a service provided by software companies to develop embedded software.
An Embedded Software Development Services company will consists of a team of engineers who are educated and experienced in the field of software engineering and have the necessary skills and knowledge required to ensure

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What is embedded software

19/07/2021, hardwarebee

Embedded software is a program written to control specific functions of devices and products that are not PC devices. The products and devices whose functions are controlled by embedded software are called embedded systems.
Essentially, embedded software is made specifically for the hardware that it runs on, and it

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Types of Microcontrollers (2021)

06/06/2021, hardwarebee

In today’s world, most of the appliances as well as industrial controls are being automated. To make the systems work independently, an efficient control system is needed. Microcontrollers fulfil the need of a control system. This control system has all the features which can handle a small-scale automation system.
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Ultimate Guide: Embedded System Design

25/05/2021, hardwarebee

Creating a well-tested reliable embedded software is important, especially in safety-critical applications.  A great design starts with a well thought system design. Following the system design, embedded hardware design and software design will take place with high clarity. In this article we mainly focus on embedded system design.

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The Ultimate Guide: Microcontroller Applications

14/05/2021, hardwarebee

In this paper we will describe the most common Microcontroller applications and provide examples of microcontroller usage in different applications. There are various types of microcontroller chips and some are preferred over others in particular applications and scenarios.

A microcontroller (μC) is a single microcomputer chip that

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