Startup Orca to Challenge ‘Big Analog’ with Customization

May 27, 2024

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The leadership team at Orca Semiconductor is comprised of industry veterans with extensive experience in the analog and mixed-signal sector. The company's CEO, Andrew Baker, brings 11 years of expertise from Maxim Integrated, which was acquired by Analog Devices Inc. in August 2021. Orca's CTO, Marco Demicheli, based in Como, Italy, has a combined 33 years of experience with STMicroelectronics and Analog Devices.

Orca Semiconductor has outlined its mission to focus on analog and mixed-signal applications, offering customized solutions for products in connected health-care, Internet-of-things, and industrial electronics. This strategic direction aligns with the growing demand for specialized semiconductor solutions in these sectors.

In a recent article shared on LinkedIn, CEO Andrew Baker highlighted the challenges faced by customers in the analog and mixed-signal industry due to corporate consolidation. He emphasized the limited options available for custom or semi-custom circuits, citing the consolidation of companies like Linear Technology, Maxim Integrated, and Dialog Semiconductor as contributing factors.

"The trend of consolidation in the industry has led to a scenario where smaller customers are left with few choices for tailored analog semiconductor solutions, as the 'Big Analog' players cater primarily to larger clients," Baker explained. This situation has created frustration among customers seeking specialized solutions.

To support its growth and innovation efforts, Orca Semiconductor is actively recruiting analog and digital design engineers as well as IC layout engineers to join its team in Milan, Italy. By expanding its talent pool, the company aims to enhance its capabilities in developing cutting-edge semiconductor solutions for diverse applications.

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