Embedded Software Company Overview

30/03/2020, hardwarebee

Embedded software is basically a computer software that does not go in a computer- it is instead used for the purpose of programming in a device or product that is not a PC. Its function is to give the designer control over the operations and functionality of that particular piece of electronic device. You may wonder- isn’t that what an application software does? Could you not simply download an application software on the device and use it for this purpose? The answer is no; embedded software systems are the lower level software code that is integrating between with the hardware and the software. The embedded software code is running on the device usually by microchip or microcontroller or an application processor.


An embedded software is designed as a solution for only a particular hardware. It is specific to the hardware requirements of that device only and so is very limited and specific in its application as it can only function in that particular set of specifications only. These include the ports, power circuits, CPUs, memories and timers that constitute a particular design for a particular device.


What is an Embedded Software Company?


Embedded software gives manufacturers a competitive edge as these devices are often modern and smart. Unfortunately, these are also very complex entities and require a lot of expertise and skilled workers to plan, design, and execute. An embedded system has to be highly specific, must be reliable and stable, and should be efficient to ensure product performance and longevity. For manufacturers with limited scale or resources, building an embedded software can be an impossible task unless they choose to outsource this task.


Embedded software companies allow you to capitalize on their adequately trained and experienced staff as well as technology and tools to design and implement a suitable embedded software for your devices and products. Whether your design is related to the automation industry, aviation, telecommunication, healthcare, or consumer products, you will find a number of options and domains at your disposal to cater to your very specific needs and give you an end product that works like a dream, all at an affordable cost and quick development and deployment time.


Who Works at an Embedded Software Company


An embedded software company typically employs a team of experienced and skilled software engineers who have previously worked with embedded systems across a multitude of fields and applications, making them equipped to deal with outsourced embedded software projects. These engineers are well versed in the traditional and the modern programming languages such as Java, Python, Rust, C/C++, and many more. They are also comfortable working with a multitude of operating systems.


What Services does an Embedded Software Service Company Offer?


The process of designing and then implementing an embedded software design is not as straightforward as one might think. Thankfully, if you do choose to outsource your embedded software project to an embedded software company, they will specify exactly what they can do for you. You have the option to determine which service you will be needing from their side and what your team can handle on its own. Following are some of the services that are commonly offered by embedded software service companies to manufacturers like you:


Concept Drawing and Planning


In the pre design phase, before the software development has taken place, the engineers will help you develop a concept map or blueprint of your potential software and hardware design, keeping your requirements and specifications at the forefront.


Software Coding


This is where the bulk of the technical work happens. The expert embedded software engineers will put their collective experience to work to develop the best functional software for your device using the appropriate languages and frameworks. They utilize the necessary tools and protocols needed or optimum design and development.


Software Simulation


Using predetermined and controlled settings, your software can be tested through simulations for any bugs that may have caused trouble after implementation.


Technology Selection and Implementation


Not only can an embedded software service company help you code a suitable software for your machine, but they can also help with the hardware engineering, making their services full cycle. They will help you draw up the concept map and blueprints for the physical design, select appropriate technology and parts as components, and build prototypes for testing before deciding on a final design and putting that into production. In fact, they will even take the design into manufacturing and prepare the product until its ready for launch.


Software Testing and Verification


After the designing, coding, and implementation phases are done, the machine is typically run through a series of tests to ensure that all theoretical applications work just as well practically.


Software Debugging

Once the bugs and obstacles have been identified, the company will aid in the process of debugging and making the embedded design optimally functional once again.


Future Upgrades and Repair


Your embedded software company can remain in touch with you to cater for any upgrades and fixes you may require in the future.



Choosing the Right Embedded Software Company for your Product


While it may seem simple enough- outsourcing the development of your embedded software system to an external company that employs the trained personnel needed and supplies them with the tools they need to execute the job perfectly- you need to be careful when making the selection. Every embedded software company has their own domain and expertise. Ideally, you will want to team up with an embedded software company that has vast experience dealing with projects that are similar to your own. Do your own research on the company and explore their previous collaborations and projects before making the final decision.


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