Introduction to Electronics Manufacturing Services

15/02/2018, hardwarebee

Companies that design, build, test, distribute, and repair products of electronic nature are called Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS). This term also includes companies that build or assemble electronic products. Typically, you’ll find EMS as part of a supply chain of consumer electronics in many different gadgets — most of the world’s electronics are manufactured by Electronic Manufacturing Services due to the lower costs and peace of mind provided by these companies.


The EMS industry can be traced back to the 1970s when Solectron was created. Until that time, in-house PCB assembly and test were used by most manufacturers. However, Solectron revolutionized the industry by providing a third-party manufacturing of electronic products which created greater flexibility while also alleviating the needs to hire extra workers for smaller companies. The result was that even small businesses could assemble devices on a large scale with far less investment compared to doing the work in-house.


This was made possible in large part by the invention of Surface Mount Technology or SMT for Printed Circuit Boards (PCB). By the early 1990s, SMT had changed the way EMS was being delivered to companies around the world. By the turn of the 21st century, vendors that had EMS capabilities were essentially manufacturing all types of electronic products. This meant that countries which had favorable tax laws, large sources of labor, and the ability to gather resources could do the job far more quickly compared to the old-fashioned way of manufacturing electronic products.


This industry is an independent branch that has manufacturing capabilities, procures raw materials, and pulls together different resources so that it can meet the challenges of each product. Because they have their own experts in charge, an EMS facility can also provide for repairs or replacement of parts when needed. To the company that creates the electronic product, this means more than just a manufacturing center, but rather a resource that includes experts in the industry that can provide guidance to make the best product possible.


The development of EMS industry means that in some cases the United States cannot match China when it comes to its combination of quality, speed, costs, and availability of the right materials. However, in some cases, it would be very beneficial to use a local Electronics Manufacturing Services.


Today, you’ll find that many EMS companies have embraced non-traditional practices of industries that include medical, automotive, and consumer electronics to name a few. In addition to their manufacturing series, they also delve into electronic design and provide advice for electrical, software, and mechanical that create new products. The process itself is completed by testing, analyzing, and even repairing items that were found faulty. That’s why EMS is so strong today in the field of electronic devices around the world.


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