3 Types of Electronics Manufacturing Companies to Hire

30/01/2018, hardwarebee


If you have designed an electronic product that requires Electronics Manufacturing Services to build and test the final product, you should ensure the business you hire is a good fit to your product requirements and also to your company’s business model. Considering all the options in finding the best Electronics Manufacturing Services, here are 3 types that you should look for, when seeking out the right one for your needs at a price that fits your budget.




Locally Based Electronic Manufacturing Services


If your business is in the US or Europe, you may find that local electronics manufacturing companies charge more for their services, but that doesn’t mean you should not hire them. There are good reasons to hire a reputable company within the US or Europe (e.g. local). A local company would be more flexible to support your project even your production volume is not sky high. Also, local electronic manufacturing companies are easy to communicate with (same time zone, same language, same culture) that could speed up the time to market.


By hiring a local electronics manufacturing company, you may not only save money in the long run, but you will get peace of mind.


Electronic Manufacturing Services


If you are seeking a complete full turnkey service, then you should look for a classic EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services). Those type of companies will be able to support your project from the idea phase all the way to delivering final products to your customer (yes, including packing and shipping your product).


Electronic manufacturing services companies are providing services such as: electronic design, PCB design and fabrication, product test, distribute, and can also provide repair services for products that failed in the field.


Having such a service outsourced to a single vendor will reduce the product development risk because the vendor will be taking responsibility for entire project, e.g. the from start to end. This might save you a considerable amount of money and time compared to using different vendors for the different activities.



PCB Manufacturing and Assembly Services


In case your company has internal electronic design team that are busy developing your product, then it’s a good idea to engage with a company that can provide you with PCB Manufacturing and Assembly Services. Those type of companies do not offer any electronic design services but rather manufacturing services.


It’s a good idea to select a vendor before you start with the PCB layout activities as the design rules may change from vendor to vendor and you want to be 100% sure your PCB layout is compliant with the vendor you have selected for the project.





At the end, the Electronics Manufacturing Services that you consider should have the right attributes for the job that is required, the right skillset, and a price that stays within your budget.



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