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Behavioral Simulation in FPGAs

16/08/2019, hardwarebee

An FPGA simulation can roughly be defined as an attempt to imitate or recreate the execution of a design or the operation of a system in an artificially produced environment. The simulation uses a model that is extremely close to or almost the same as the actual subject at question.

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Introduction to FPGA Timing Simulation

09/08/2019, hardwarebee

The use of predictive technology in the field of electronics is becoming ever so prevalent as it helps identify any flaws in the FPGA design early in the process as well as gives the user the opportunity to visualize their design in real time, with all of its functionality and

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Metastability in FPGAs

06/08/2019, hardwarebee

Metastability in FPGAs is a state that digital electronics systems can find themselves stuck in for a period of time. Normally, in a circuit employing the use of digital logic, the input signal coming into the circuit and being interpreted needs to either fall as a 1 or a 0.

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Understanding FPGA Logic Synthesis

06/08/2019, hardwarebee

Today, the process of logic synthesis plays a very integral and crucial role in the creation and execution of FPGAs and in ensuring that they work optimally and with high efficiency. Logic synthesis, as suggested by the name, is a process of converting high level logic design into gates.
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Xilinx Hits Milestone with First Customer Shipments of Versal ACAP

18/06/2019, hardwarebee

Xilinx, Inc. (NASDAQ: XLNX), the leader in adaptive and intelligent computing, today announced that it has shipped Versal™ AI Core series and Versal Prime series devices to multiple tier one customers through the company’s early access program. Versal is the industry’s first adaptive compute acceleration platform (ACAP), a revolutionary new

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Logic Design Solutions Introduces the first NVMe Host IP on PolarFire FPGA

11/06/2019, hardwarebee

France, Gournay sur Marne — June 11th 2019 – Logic Design Solutions (LDS) extends its portfolio of NVME-HOST IPs with the first NVME-HOST IP on POLARFIRE FPGA which enables designers to address specific market in embedded recording domain.
Higher performance
MVMe disks can manage several PCIe links, which allows them

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