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FPGA vs. Microcontroller, what to choose?

18/01/2021, hardwarebee

This article provides a comparison between FPGA vs. Microcontroller. We did the comparison between FPGA vs. Microcontroller by looking into their differences and similarities in terms of architecture, cost, performance, application, programmability technology, power consumption, processing capability and usability in the real-time world.
FPGA vs. Microcontroller
FPGA and

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The Ultimate Guide to FPGA Test Benches

15/12/2020, hardwarebee

Creating test benches for your FPGA design is a critical step for any FPGA design project. This article is written for the FPGA verification design engineers who want to use VHDL as HDL verification language for designing and simulating of their FPGA based digital design.
The VHDL test benches

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Promwad focuses on Zynq UltraScale+ custom projects as a Xilinx authorised design partner

30/11/2020, hardwarebee

Promwad has dedicated an engineering team to help its clients accelerate hardware product development based on Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC devices and other systems-on-chip. The company’s portfolio now includes about a dozen completed designs with Zynq US+ modules, high-speed interfaces, Linux customization, and drivers development.
Xilinx Zynq empowers hardware and

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AMD to Acquire Xilinx, Creating the Industry’s High Performance Computing Leader

27/10/2020, hardwarebee

SILICON VALLEY, Calif., Oct. 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) and Xilinx (NASDAQ: XLNX) today announced they have entered into a definitive agreement for AMD to acquire Xilinx in an all-stock transaction valued at $35 billion. The combination will create the industry’s leading high performance computing company, significantly

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How to Create an Efficient FPGA Development Environment

05/10/2020, hardwarebee

This document provides a starting point for an efficient FPGA development environment. This will be split into the following sections:

How to select a text editor for your FPGA project
How to manage an FPGA project over git
Introduction to Doxygen with VHDL projects
Additional resources

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Subaru Selects Xilinx to Power New-Generation EyeSight System

24/08/2020, hardwarebee

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Xilinx, Inc. (NASDAQ: XLNX) today announced that its technology is powering the new version of Subaru’s vision-based advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS), EyeSight. Integrated into the all-new Subaru Levorg, the new EyeSight system will provide advanced features including adaptive cruise control, lane-keep assist and pre-collision braking, putting best-in-class safety

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10 Top Mistakes in FPGA Programming

14/07/2020, hardwarebee

This document provides a list of ten mistakes that are common in FPGA programming. We have collected 10 top mistakes FPGA design engineers typically make in their design and provides suggestions and alternatives which can be used as a solution for the same. This document assumes that the reader already

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FPGA to ASIC Conversion Guide

14/07/2020, hardwarebee

This article will help you understand the steps required in converting your FPGA to an ASIC. The world of electronics and circuitry continues to grow and evolve every day, making significant process with each new advent and invention. When it comes to hardware, especially considering integrated circuits, it plays a

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Xilinx vs. Intel High-End FPGA Series Comparison

28/05/2020, hardwarebee

This article provides a comprehensive comparison between the high-performance FPGA family of both Xilinx (AMD) vs. Intel (Altera) and will help you chose your next FPGA chip wisely.
The document is divided into the following subsections with numerous subsections which dive deeper into each topic:

Feature comparison

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FPGA Programming Basics

07/05/2020, hardwarebee

This document introduces the reader to one of the articles we have created to help with FPGA programming Basics. This article will enables FPGA designers to get through the first basics steps of FPGA programming.
FPGA Programming Basics
As FPGA designs get more and more complex, therefore it

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