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Automotive PCBs are Bucking the Trend With a Forecast of 12% CAGR from 2022 to 2026

19/07/2023, hardwarebee


TrendForce’s global automotive PCB market outlook report indicates that as over half of the PCB industry’s end-use applications are in consumer electronics, the economic downturn has had a more pronounced impact on the PCB industry compared to other components, especially when end-market demand has yet to show a significant recovery.

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Introduction to JTAG Interface

05/08/2019, hardwarebee

JTAG stands for Joint Test Action Group. It is essentially a standard that is used for verification, testing, and exploration of PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) after they have been manufactured. It is an interface that gives you a channel to communicate with and control the chips on the circuit board

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History of PCB

09/07/2019, hardwarebee

PCB stands for Printed Circuit Board. A Printed Circuit Board or PCB exist inside almost any and every electronic device or gadget that you may use in your routine and professional life. The PCB lies in a central position in most electronics and, thus, is an extremely critical component. It

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The Ultimate Guide to PCB Manufacturing Process

30/04/2019, hardwarebee

If you were to disassemble an electronic product and take a peek inside, you will very often find a plate or a board with numerous components stuck onto it — this is the PCB and it is basically the glue that connects all the different components together and makes them

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PCB Manufacturing Market in Europe 1985-2016

21/01/2019, hardwarebee

It really and truly can be said that the printed circuit board is the heart of all electronics because is links the different components and enables the electronic device to function. Unfortunately, at the same time it is the most expensive single component and whenever an ABC-analysis has

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10 Tips to Ensure PCB Assembly Success

11/04/2018, hardwarebee

If you’re a greenhorn when it comes to PCB manufacturing and assembly, then you may not know that printed circuit board manufacturing (PCB) and printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) are different disciplines typically performed by different companies due to the unique set of processes and equipment required for each. Of

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3D-Printed Electronics Innovator Nano Dimension Joins Techniplas Open Innovation Program

11/01/2018, hardwarebee

Techniplas today announced that Nano Dimension, a leading additive electronics provider, joined its open innovation program to make available for the first time to the automotive industry additive manufacturing of conductive components, encapsulated sensors and smart surfaces.
This partnership brings together Techniplas’ cognitive lighting technology with Nano Dimension’s 3D

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