What is an Electronic Design Services Company and How to Choose one?

04/10/2018, hardwarebee

If you are reading this article it’s probably because you’ve came to realize you need to outsource your electronic design activities to an external design services company. There are times when you are lacking resources or expertise therefore it’s a good idea to let external company design your electronics – electronic design services company.


In this article you will find our top guidelines on how to find an electronic design services company that meets your requirements perfectly.


What is an electronic design services company?


An electronic design services company is a company that offers electronic development services. The company consists of electronic engineers that have experience in designing electronics and can undergo electronic development services. Some electronic design companies can offer electronic manufacturing services as well e.g. full turkey service.


What are the services an electronic design company offer?


An electronic design company can offer various design services such as: writing a specification document, designing a PCB and manufacturing of a PCB. The company can support more detailed design activities such as simulation and verification, and sometimes FPGA and embedded software development. Here is a general list of services one can obtain from an electronic design services company:


  • Feasibility study
  • Concept design
  • Electronic development
  • Electronic manufacturing
  • Full Turnkey


What type of tools an electronic design company uses?


Electronic design tools are available in the market for several decades. Designing electronics requires expertise and full control over the development tools e.g. EDA (Electronic Design Automation) tools. EDA tools are software tools used to design electronics. The following is a list of popular development tools available in the market today:


Altium Designer

Cadence OrCAD

Mentor Graphics



What type of electronic expertise the electronic design house has?


Domain expertise should be one of the major decision criteria for you. Ultimately, you should work with an electronic design team that undertook similar design projects before.  If you were to develop a wireless product, it’s best if you choose an electronic design company that has experience in this area (wireless). You should never use a power electronic design team to develop a wireless product and vice versa.


The following is a list of electronic “domains” we found useful in our search process, there a many more domains, so please use this list as a baseline to create your own shortlist:


Technical Expertise:


High Voltage applications – A few examples of products in this domain: Power supplies, power converters or any design that uses +12V or higher.


Wireless (RF) applications – Any product that has a wireless interface would be considered as a wireless product. For example: WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee or any product that users high speed interfaces above 1GHz.


Audio / Video applications – Products that consist audio or video interface will require understanding of various standards that are used in the industry.


Consumer Electronics – Developing an electronic product for high volume consumer electronics will require abilities to support mass production and design for low cost.


Space and Aviation – special requirement for reliability and safety that are not usually required in other applications.


Conclusions and next steps


Developing an electronic product requires specific expertise both in electronic development process and deep understanding in the application area. Hence, the selection phase is key to assure a reliable, error free product. HardwareBee search tool allows you to use various keywords that can will help you find the most relevant electronic design company.


It’s all starts with selecting the right electronic design services company.

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