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iWave’s FPGA IP core: Giving new life to your obsolete x86 solutions

14/07/2020, hardwarebee

The Intel 80186/88 processor family and its equivalents from manufacturers like AMD and NEC, were among the most popular platforms for product designers for over two decades. But technology is a shifting goalpost and OEMs and design houses are having to move legacy applications to newer processors in the x86

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iWave Systems launches Corazon-AI, an EdgeAI Platform for Smart City and Camera Intelligence Applications, Powered by Xilinx Zynq UltraScale MPSoC Devices

16/06/2020, hardwarebee

With a growing requirement for taking decisions on the edge and data privacy concerns, there is a requirement for intelligent devices capable of taking real time decisions. Edge AI devices are expected to run complex neural networks and deep learning algorithms whilst maintaining latency, power efficiency and accuracy. These devices

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Medical Device Design Case Study – DNA Concentrator System

10/06/2020, hardwarebee

Genomic analysis involves examining the sequence of DNA nucleotides contained in the cells of a living organism. One of the first steps in genomic analysis is to obtain a pure and concentrated DNA sample from the cells or tissue sample under study. The cells must be broken apart and the

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The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Product Design

13/05/2020, hardwarebee

Generate and Screen your Ideas
This is the most important starting point of any electronics product. You should start by asking questions about what do you want to accomplish and what do you intend by designing the product. Generally, the new product concept is obtained from costumers and research

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How to Choose a Digital to Analog Converter

11/04/2020, hardwarebee

Digital to analog converters or DACs are very commonly and frequently implemented components in electronic gadgets and devices. As suggested by the name, a digital to analog converter allows you to change a digital signal into an analog one. Typically, the stuff that you store on your computer or any

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How to Choose an Analog to Digital Converter

10/04/2020, hardwarebee

Analog to Digital Converter Basics

When it comes to the world of modern technology, digital rules. There are several reasons why digital devices and processing is significantly preferred over analog, including the fact that it is much more accurate and compatible with computer-based processing. In certain applications, however, it may be necessary to add an

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