The Top 25 Electronics Manufacturing Service Providers Ranking in Europe 2016

12/01/2018, hardwarebee

Reed Electronics Research’s annual ranking of the leading Electronics Manufacturing Service  in Europe was again dominated by the leading Group 1 Global Electronics Manufacturing Service providers with the Top 3 – Foxconn, Flex and Jabil – accounting for 44% of the EUR 28.1 billion European EMS market in 2016.


The German Zollner Group remained the leading indigenous European EMS provider with revenues estimated at EUR 1.04 billion of which 53% were generated from the company’s domestic operations. The Hungarian company Videoton was ranked 5th and along with Fideltronik was one of the two CEE-headquartered companies in the ranking.


Company Country
1 Foxconn Taiwan
2 Flex Singapore
3 Jabil Circuit USA
4 Zollner Germany
5 Videoton Hungary
6 Scanfil Finland
7 Asteelflash France
8 Neways Netherlands
9 Sanmina USA
10 Enics Switzerland
11 Celestica Canada
12 All Circuits France
13 Éolane France
14 Lacroix Electronics France
15 Integrated Micro-Electronics Philippines
16 Kitron Norway
17 BMK Group Germany
18 Leesys Germany
19 Fideltronik Poland
20 Kimball Electronics USA
21 TQ-Group Germany
22 Melecs Austria
23 Elemaster Italy
24 Katek Germany
25 Plexus USA


The acquisition by Scanfil, of the Swedish company PartnerTech in 2015, has strengthened the position of the Finnish- headquartered company although revenues in 2016 were impacted by the realignment of the combined group’s manufacturing operations in Europe which included plant closures and the sale of non-core activities.


The Dutch company Neways Electronics International moved to 8th in the ranking, from 10th in the previous year. Their acquisition of the German company BuS Elektronik in 2014 has now been fully integrated and has significantly strengthened its overall EMS market position and in particular its exposure to the important German market and the automotive sector.


The Swiss company Enics dropped one place in the ranking with European sales stable during the year.


Apart from éolane, which reported marginally lower European EMS revenues in 2016, the other French companies in the ranking – Asteelflash, ALL CIRCUITS and LACROIX Electronics – all reported increased revenues. Although achieving stable revenues in France, Asteelflash benefited from a further increase in revenues at the company’s German operations. Although falling one place in the overall ranking LACROIX Electronics sales increased by 6.7% during the year, this after the prior year’s double-digit growth, while ALL CIRCUITS’ revenues grew by just under 20%.


The North American companies Sanmina, Celestica, Kimball Electronics and Plexus all reported growth during the year as did the remaining non-European company in the ranking Integrated Micro-Electronics, the Philippines headquartered group reporting a 16% increase in revenues in 2016.


Overall the Top 10 companies accounted for 57% of European EMS revenues and the Top 25 companies collectively represent 68% of the total European EMS market.


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